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A Path.

Building a path is not a product of happenstance. Rather it is the result of understanding, planning, and expert implementation. Cobblestone Wealth Advisors are here to guide you through each step along your path to confidence. Starting with a discussion about you, your family, and your goals, we can begin to sketch out an idea for your path and create a plan to build.

We believe in working side-by-side with you. Only through this approach can we create a financial plan that will allow you to reach your goals. Nothing is more rewarding for our advisors than seeing you move along the path from where you currently are to where you desire to be.

To accomplish this, our team will guide you through the following steps:

Our Approach


The first step of any journey is to decide where one should go. In this phase of the path finding process, we talk about life goals, current realities, upcoming events, and important life decisions. Discussing these topics allows for an understanding of your vision for the future and what details you consider important. Having a strong vision allows our team to create a path that leads to your goals.


Once a vision for your path has been defined, we get to work on creating a plan for how your current resources can help get you there. This step of the process allows our team to understand the details, discuss the nuances, and recommend a strategy that will provide a solid and confident foundation. An effective strategy allows us to meet diverse needs, wealth management that includes retirement planning, portfolio evaluation, risk management, estate planning, college planning, and other issues important to those looking toward their future.


Just as each stone in a cobblestone path is individually inspected, measured, sharpened, and placed, we look at each aspect of your plan and work to arrange everything to fit properly and provide a solid result. Each path is a testament to the craftsmanship of construction that allows for resiliency in the face of challenge and support when times are well. Dedication and caring is what allows us to continually provide excellent service to every client that we work with.


Any path can fall into disrepair if it is not inspected and maintained from time to time. That’s why a Cobblestone Advisor will be with you along your journey to make sure that you are prepared and have a professional to provide assistance if new goals, changes in resources, or something of the unexpected occurs. We are with you for each step of the journey.

Building a path that endures.


Investing can feel overwhelming for the average investor, and subjective risk semantics like “aggressive” and “moderately conservative” doesn't help. Neither does stereotyping based on age. Riskalyze captures a quantitative measurement of your risk tolerance.

Riskalyze is built on a Nobel Prize for Economics-winning framework that mathematically pinpoints your Risk Number™ and helps us ensure that your portfolio aligns with your investment goals and expectations.

We believe that when we align the world’s investments with each investor’s Risk Number®, anyone can invest fearlessly. 

NextPhase™ Retirement Income Strategy

NextPhase™ Retirement Income Strategy is an investment strategy with the objective of providing inflation-adjusted income for life.

The strategy allocates assets in a manner placing a heavy emphasis on guaranteed* streams of income that continue over long periods of time.

This is extremely important because Americans are increasingly being forced to rely upon their own retirement savings to create the retirement income they will need. With longevity increasing and interest rates low, creating durable streams of retirement income can be challenging. NextPhase™ Retirement Income Strategy provides a sound foundation for creating that income.

* When fixed or variable annuities are used to provide guaranteed income, all guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. NextPhase™ Retirement Income Strategy may consist of investment products that are subject to the potential loss of principal.

Social Security Planning


$ymbil is a dynamic online investment adviser platform that assesses your risk profile and recommends a risk-appropriate managed portfolio. In only a few minutes, you’ll be invested in a diversified portfolio, based on your objectives, and on your way to long-term saving and investing. All online, simple, and seamless. The portfolios available through $ymbil are actively managed by experienced investment professionals and tactically adjusted based on changes in the market.

We help guide investors of all sizes to reach their financial goals. For those that are just getting started, want to do it themselves or don’t meet our asset minimums we can now offer $ymbil, a self-service digital investment solution. $ymbil is easy to use, requires no paperwork, low cost, offers automated monthly investing-to automate the saving habit so you don’t have to think about it and an online and mobile investor portal for you to review your portfolio. After completing $ymbil’s brief online profiling questionnaire, the system will recommend a risk-appropriate investment portfolio, tailored to your goals and objectives.

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