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Time – Not Timing – Is the Best Way to Protect Gains

August 17, 2022

Good days and bad days are a fact of life in the market. Sometimes it’s up and we celebrate. But when it dips, we worry…and if it tanks, forget it: the first instinct for most of us is panic, and we wonder if we should just get out of the market and protect what we have left. But history shows us that’s the worst thing we could do.

This flyer from Putnam discusses how time, not timing, is the best way to capitalize on stock market gains. It offers a vivid illustration of what can happen when you leave the market even for a few days here and there.

Without a crystal ball, it’s nearly impossible to time the market, and trying to catch a market upswing can actually hurt more than help. It’s tough to stay the course when you’re facing fears of volatility.

When the market’s moving and you’re feeling concerned, let’s connect to discuss what’s happening and what it means. We can revisit the long-term strategies put in place before the emotions set in. That way, you won’t miss out when what went down eventually comes back up.