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Pension Plan Services

Vision - The first step of any journey is to have a vision - a vision that vividly describes a destination and then to chart a path that will get you from here to there. Cobblestone helps evaluate this path for your vision, by evaluating and projecting using our experience to understand what works best for you and your employees.

Implement - Just as each stone in a cobblestone path is individually inspected, measured, sharpened and placed, we help you follow each step of the journey that have been planned so that all areas of fiduciary duty are met. This is the process of building the path that leads to your vision.

Strategy - With your vision decided, Cobblestone examines your current plan in order to indicate areas, which may need improvement. We will aid in establishing proper portfolio diversification and help prepare an effective Investment Policy Statement.

Maintain - Any path can fall into disrepair if it is not inspected and maintained from time to time. We conduct regular reviews to ensure the chosen path continues toward your vision and does not chart off course. Over time, adjustments will need to be made due to changes in investment performance, aging of the plan participants and government regulations. Cobblestone is there for every step, helping you keep your pension plan on the path of success.